About Us


In 2009, LADIES UNHITCHED was designed as a movement in the form of a magazine, to support and celebrate ladies. After a three-year hiatus, LADIES UNHITCHED is back digitally.

Although the online magazine is relevant to every single lady regardless of her racial, ethnic, religious and educational background, it echoes firm Christian morals and values beneficial to single ladies in today’s world. Ladies Unhitched is not just for ladies; it is also for the men who love the ladies!


To publish a magazine that celebrates the lady- her life, love and journey in womanhood.


  • To make a positive impact on the lady on her journey to, and in womanhood.
  • To empower the lady in her decision making, inspiring her to live a purposeful life.
  • To promote the right perspective and mindset for her relationships.
  • To encourage her to stand out for what is right.
  • To encourage her to embrace moral values and protect her virtue and honour.

The 2009 launch issue of the magazine was published by Wole Sosanya and edited by Kemi Ogunniyi.

It featured the following writers:

Stella Stevens
Kofo Baptist
Emmanuel Utomi
Tracey Williams
Dr Oge Ilozue
Ekene Agabu
Wole Sosanya
Kemi Ogunniyi

Graphic Design was done by Chiedu Nwanze of MMGRAPHIX.


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